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DeFiChain Explained

Decentralized finance enabled on Bitcoin

Our Mission

Explaining DeFiChain to others

Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin is a pretty decent job, but creating a community who understands the purpose of such an abstract project is even harder.

Decentralizing the financial industry has a lot of benefits which we as insider are capeable to understand.  

A major disadvantage of decentralizing financial services is that customers are not able to get direct support from experts. We as a community and participants have a responsibility to help each other and educate ourselves about the products we use. 

It's not just about the money. If we want to change the world, we have to do it together. This website was created for that purpose. Our goal is to help you get started with DeFiChain. And as an incentive to learn, we want to thank you with some Practice Tokens.

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Free online courses

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Time is money

We created different courses to teach you all you need to know about the DeFiChain. We cut our beginner courses in small bites and welcome new members who show real interest to the project.  After completing the beginner courses, you will get some Practice Tokens to get started! Learning is equal to growing. This oportunity will not only be good for your money pocket. 

Our Courses

Get Started



If you are a new user of DeFi-Chain, this is the first course and the only course you will need to do to get a quick overview about the hole topic.


Staking & Liquidity Mining

In this course you will learn step by step how to do Staking and Liquidity Mining. Both at Cake and directly in the DeFiChain App.

Masternode DeFichain

Your own masternode

Den eigenen Masternode betreiben, unabhängig von Staking Pools Renditen erwirtschaften. Was steckt hinter einem Masternode? Was muss ich dafür tun, um einen Masternode betreiben zu können und welche Vor- und Nachteile bringt ein Masternode mit sich?


Steuerkurs 1: Theorie Versteuerung Staking & LM

In diesem Kurs gehen wir durch die Theorie und erklären, wie in Deutschland Gewinne aus dem Staking & Liquidity Mining zu versteuern sind.

Available soon


DeFiChain News & Data

Track DeFiChain on CoinMarketCap, Coinpaprika, Coingecko & more!

Check out! This website is full of helpful information and data about the DeFiChain and Cake and offers a powerful user evaluation of your investment on Cake.

Why people invest in DeFi-Chain

"DeFiChain allows me to take my finances into my own hands. Decentralized trading, soon also lending and, above all, investing. DeFi generates passive income for me. DeFi stands for freedom for me."
"The vision of the borderless open capital market inspires me. DeFiChain has the potential to help Bitcoin become P2P Cash with all the features that go with it, scalable and decentralized, without honeypods at trusted third parties."
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You want to support our mission? Join us, develop courses, help others or fund us with any amount of DFI, Fiat or Satoshi! By doing so, we can continue developing our website & courses.