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1. Quarter
1. Course
2. Course
Free PCT Token

Use your free PCTs to familiarize yourself with the DefiApp before investing your own money!  

P2P Coach booking

Booking of independent experts in the community for a special service or sign up to become a verified coach. 

Translations & subtitles

in english

2. Quarter approx. April
3. Course


DeFi-Product Marketplace

Community marketplace for products around the DeFiChain.

approx. May
4. Course

(start in Germany)

Translations & subtitles

in Italian and Spanish

3. Quarter
5. Course

How does Atomic Swap work?


Zahle mit deinen DFI.

Community Forum
6. Kurs
Quartal 4
7. Kurs

Cashflow durch P2P-Kredite

8. Kurs